Innumerable Ways of Your Timber Fence Palings

The paling fence is a very common and traditional method of protecting the outdoor space and that leads to seek privacy and protection from your nosy neighbors and any unwanted trespassers. The timber fence palings serve your desire fullest the fullest by its variety of benefits. It’s not only encompasses the protection but also retains the elegance and style of the building. Generally these are also known as treated pine fences- determine to provide perfect solution for privacy of your landscape in a very cheap price.

Timber Fence Palings

  • Method of building:-

This traditional process of timber fence palings is built up very interestingly with treated pine posts or with rails, and at times it is used with the mixture of palings and the palings that is butted up against one another for the sake of providing a tough protection and privacy.

  • Brilliant and Astonishing Effect:-

The method of treatment in your timber for fencing your boundaries gives it an everlasting touch and it is quiet durable too. As with the treatment, the timber offers you a long term durability and resistance from any damage and decay. So you won’t be awe-struck at the discovery of this timber paling fences as the one of the most popular and demanding, long lasting timber fences that you have at your disposal. Interestingly the insects too fail to make any harm to timber- thus it leads your fence much strength and eligibility.

Different creative designs of timber fence palings:-

  • Centre Mortise:-

If you place your mortise centrally, your fence will luckily get hold of much greater superiority and strength and it will also help to develop its strong structure. Surprisingly you will find that your fence is last-longing when compared to the mortise been placed in the side of the timber post.

  • Arsenic free palings:-

This Arsenic free paling is also very unique and most modern method to provide resistance to the fence. Give the paling fence a unique look by trying something else from treated pine post such as steel posts or cherry pine palings. It will surely provide a unique look on the timber paling fence. So it’s better and useful to use the eco timber palings which are Arsenic free.

The timber fence paling has become an age-old popular choice which does not belong to any single generation but extends to many generations. As you are already familiar with some of the creative design of paling fence, there are many more styles developed to seek a perfect texture and fit successfully to the new architectural design of modern trend.

As it is light weight by nature and can have such versatile and attractive designs this fencing can be easily painted according to ones desired color scheme. Thus it delivers security and protection from those nosy neighbors and also a windbreak to soothe in the garden and other not required exposed areas.


  1. Just be focus and have patience while building a timber fence paling as you might face problem while attaching the fence palings with the rails.
  2. Don’t use flat head type of gal nails as they might wear out or come out of place, so use an alternative.
  3. You may use screws for the palings as the nails might not be helpful in long run, and moreover screwing is a much quicker process.
  4. If it is timber that you use then proper and timely treatment should be given for its long life.
  5. Apart from using simple wood plank, you can use mix of other materials, slat metal fence, channel fence, lap-cap fence and picket fence.

Do you want to know more about Timber Fence Palings? Visit here to get some more useful information.


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