What to know before Installing Timber Floorings

Everybody wants the flooring of their house to be beautiful and perfect. But it is a very tricky business to choose the right material for flooring. There are a variety of options for flooring- marble, tiles, timber, etc. From all of these options timber flooring is the best as it gives elegant look to the floors as well as house. Timber is the best option for flooring since they are easily washable and durable. They look very classy. Timber also has anti allergic features. All of these reasons contribute to choosing timber as flooring material.

Timber Floorings

Moisture factor and Acclimatization

Moisture plays an important role in timber floorings. The moisture content of a timber is the percentage composition of water in comparison to the weight of timber with all the moisture removed. Timbers expand when they absorb moisture while they shrink when they lose moisture. This often results in inappropriate installation of timber flooring.

Hence the process known as Acclimatization is done in order to retain the moisture content. Acclimatization is the process to make sure proper installation of the timber floorings. This is done by balancing the moisture content in the timber with the moisture content of the surrounding. It is natural for timber floorings leaving a small gap during the summer period, while the gaps are filled up during humid and cold season. These are normal and are not considered as defects.

Environment assessment

It is very essential to know various environment factors before installation of timber on the floors. The humidity factor and average moisture content should be known of the area where the timber is to be installed Depending on the data, the acclimatization has to be done to maintain affair balance between the wet and dry seasons. If the acclimatization is done for the wet season, then the floor will shrink during the dry season and vice versa. Thus, it is very important to maintain the moisture content of the timber close to the average moisture content of the surroundings so that the seasons do not play a big role in the installations of the floorings.

Things to keep in mind before installing timber flooring

  • Choice of appropriate grade: Choosing the correct grade of timber is very necessary. Different timber serves different purpose. Make sure you get the correct timber according to your needs. Standard grade timber offers great quality with smooth surfaces while character grade timber is more stylish and expensive.
  • Type of timber used: Make sure you research about the technical details of the timber you are using. Different timber has different characteristic properties like hardness and durability. Buy timbers after doing extensive research to make sure the timber can withstand bacterial attacks and weather damages.
  • Choice of right color: Choosing the right color of the timber flooring is very important to determine the overall looks of the house. The three main colors associated with timber floorings are- red, brown and yellow. Choose the color that suits your need and that goes well with the overall looks of the house.
  • Choosing an attractive finish to the timber is also important. It is the finish that can make the flooring look elegant and classy. There are different types of finish like- gloss finish, semi-gloss finish and mat finish. Choose the one that goes best with your quality of timber.

Protective measures

If you have installed timber flooring, then you have to take adequate measures in protecting the flooring from damages. The best way to protect the flooring is to cover it with a protective mat or carpet. Also make sure the floor is cleaned periodically. Do not move heavy furniture over the flooring as it might upset the paint. Also do not use harsh chemicals which might erode the timber.

These are the Things to before installing timber flooring. To know more let’s have a look by details.


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