The Importance of Log Book Service for a First Time Car Owner

Those who have already driven a number of cars know the importance of log book servicing but new car owners may disregard it as an unnecessary expense. Well, if you are thinking on the same lines; then, it is time that you change your mind.

Log book service

The primary purpose of owning a car is convenient and if you totally disregard the manufacturer’s instructions from the onset then, you are setting yourself up for frequent car troubles. The whole point of log book servicing is that your car runs smoothly without any hiccups and who knows the car better than its maker? This is why all manufactures will clearly specify and provide a log book to maintain records of when a car servicing has been done and when it should be done the next time. The manual provides a comprehensive list of parts to be checked and what may need replacements like engine oil.

What Happens During a Car Servicing?

  • In any servicing the first step is to hoist the car up to check the under-body. Usually this is done on a ramp or a jack can also be used and then the mechanism slides underneath to inspect.
  • The next step is changing the engine oil. This is normally done as per the manual that specifies the minimum mileage or elapsed time after purchase when the oil should be replaced. Most cars require engine oil replacement every 5000 miles.
  • Various other parts that are checked are the spark plugs and its contact points and also the air filter. The air filter is cleaned using a special vacuum cleaner. The contact positions of the spark plugs are shined using sand paper. The spark plugs are one of the components that needs more frequent cleaning than any other.
  • The suspension is checked to ensure safety and stability during any bumps or minor accidents.
  • Brakes are one of the most import components of the car on which a driver’s life depends and it is natural that this cannot be overlooked in a log book or even a general servicing. Brake fluids may need to be changed. Next the pedals or the brake show will be inspected for any wear and tear. A professional inspection will allow you to understand how soon you need to replace the brake pads and also how to extend its life.

The above are the key areas, but in addition to this there are plenty more that the manual requires a service personnel to do and you have every right to object if you feel the slightest lax in service.

Last but not the least, the car’s looks and exterior are also inspected. For example, the functioning of doors, windows, lights, seat belts, tire pressure and among other simpler things, cleaning seats and foot mats.

Some people feel that a log book servicing can be done at home only. However, right they may be; they will not be able to identify any potential problems.

Unlike the common assumption there is actually a lot of savings to be made if regular inspections according to the car’s manufacturer are carried out.

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