Why Do People Choose Solid Oak Flooring – Key Benefits and Types

Out of numbers of wood flooring choices available, oak is always being on top preference for everyone across the world. To say, people believe investing in oak for wooden flooring worth their investment, while compared to other options. Although wooden flooring is initially an expensive choice than laying carpet or linoleum, one can experience many great benefits for a long term.

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Oak is one of the most popular wood types used for flooring at home and commercial places like a corporate office. For anyone who is price concerned, there are two choices available, however, selection becomes confusing on analysis of similarities and dissimilarities. The two types include;

  • Solid oak flooring
  • Engineered oak flooring

Solid flooring:

This floor board is made from one timber piece. Oak is considered to be one of the strongest varieties available across the world. Easy availability and durability makes them a preferred choice. There are about 600 subspecies of oak trees. These are considered to be 100% natural material, however, have a few drawbacks, like; they contract in cold weather and expand in hot seasons, which are considered to be a natural reaction of a natural source. However, this reaction goes unnoticed in most of the homes. Solid type is limited to sizes, as they come only in naturally available sizes, as cut from the tree.

Engineered Flooring:

This type features floorboards made from oak and each board has a top layer made from real oak wood, which is supported by three to four layers of synthetic plywood or softwood glued together. The final result will make the board look exactly similar to the natural piece. This type is comparatively cheaper than the natural one due to less use of real oak. There is no limitation in sizes as they are engineered and can be made in any sizes as required. Besides, they will also not react to hot or cold weathers, although there is no doubt about experiencing better durability over a long period.

Benefits of oak flooring

In addition to knowing about types, it is also imperative to know the benefits of wood flooring. Here follows some notable benefits of oak flooring:

  • By selecting good quality wood, this flooring can last for decades. To say, many people across the world are now replacing carpets to timber flooring, as they find this to be a permanent solution rather chancing carpets for at least once in 3 to 5 years, which finally ends up having spent hugely than what they would have spent for wooden flooring.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. There are no doubts that any natural type of flooring is always easy to clean and maintain. The reason is obvious, as even a light vacuum or simple brush can help removing stains and dirt from the floor. Moreover, this will also make the home look great. Since cleaning is easy and simple, they need to use cleaning products is also reduced, which in turn help saving considerable amount of money for maintenance.
  • They are hygienic compared to carpets. Wood is less prone to attract allergens unlike carpets. Especially, wood becomes the right choice for those suffering from allergies.
  • The aroma of polished wood is a delight and makes the home more inviting.
  • Wood gives more opportunities to install under floor heating system, which makes it to be an efficient option to keep the house warm, especially during winter season.
  • It is very easy to bring back the new look of wood, when the floor wear and tear over the years. It costs very less.
  • They give a timeless appeal to the house. For no doubts, timber has good appeal that lasts for decades and even centuries. They always give new and fresh look to home interiors.
  • There is always a misconception that timber is being the choice only to wealthy people, but the availability of different choices and species types, one can install timber flooring for home within the expected budget.
  • Although tiles and stone floors have similar features to clean and maintain easily, they will not bring same feel and warmth to the house.
  • While talking from a real estate perspective, a house with wooden interior has higher value than others and they also hugely demand by prospective buyers at best prices.

This oak timber is an attractive and ideal choice for home or office flooring.

Hope you like above mentioned information about solid oak flooring!!! Do you want to know more? Let’s go to the details and get some more useful information.


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