Different types of Wheelchair Lift

Those who are bound to wheelchairs due to lack of normal mobility deserve the equal right as others. In order to make things easier for them legislations have been passed. Over the last few years there have been considerable improvements in different technical sectors, and life for physically challenged people is a lot easier than before. Wheelchair lift has been introduced in the market in order to help physically challenged people overcome the difficulties posed by elevations. This lifts gains importance in the residence as well as the vehicle where a person with wheel chair needs to access.Wheelchair lift

Wheelchair elevators are specially designed to lift up wheelchairs up to a certain height. At present most of the elevators are designed to lift the wheelchair up to a height of 50 to 70 inches, which is quite standard. These lifts are mostly installed in public buses, apartments, hospitals, office buildings, educational institutes and other public places. The main advantage of installing a wheelchair lift is that physically challenged people can also use these facilities along with the able people. Many people also need this for themselves or for their loved ones, to give them the spirit of independence. In any such case, there are different types of wheelchair lifts that clients can easily choose from.

  • Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts

Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lifts are some of the most widely used wheelchair lifts in the world at present. These lifts are designed for indoor as well as outdoor uses. As the name suggests, the lift has a platform, where the wheelchair can be rolled in. The platform then takes the wheelchair up the steps at a gentle pace. This eliminates the necessity for the wheelchair user to undertake an impossible journey across the steps on foot or with the help of someone.

  • Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts

This is another type of wheelchair lift widely in use nowadays. It comprises of a platform that moves vertically more like a conventional elevator. All that a wheelchair user has to do is to roll the chair on the platform and switch it on. The platform then starts moving vertically up or down, thus helping the user to avoid the steps. These wheelchair elevators are generally used to lift wheelchairs by a few feet.

  • Portable Wheelchair Lifts

This type of wheelchair lift is especially advantageous because these can be carried from one place to another. As a result, these are ideal choice for those who want to install such a facility for a certain period of time. These lifts come in a complete set up and are comparatively lighter in weight. The best part is that they are maintenance free, and can deliver impeccable performance for a long time without much problem.

  • Portable Vertical Lifts

Portable Vertical Lifts are a smaller version of Vertical Platform Wheelchair Lifts. Being smaller in size they can be transported from one place to another according to the needs. As a result, they can be installed wherever they are required.

As there are a large number of wheelchair lift manufacturers in the world, it is essential for clients to make a very careful choice from the options available in hand. The best way to do this is to go through the websites of different manufacturers in order to understand more about the products that they sell. It is also important to check the authenticity of the company before purchasing a product. Clients should take the help of professional experts in this regard, and it is essential for them to go through the testimonials regarding the products and services extended by the lift manufacturers. Clients should also read all the sales documents carefully before making a purchase. Moreover, if you want to know more useful information about them in details.


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