What I checked when I went to Buy My Car

Buying a car is everyone’s dream, especially of a person belonging to a middle class family. When I grabbed my first job five years ago the first thing that I did after I got over with a few nitty-gritty was to buy a car with my own money. It was a simple hatchback which was mainly meant for riding inside the city. I still cherish it in my garage and take care of its health regularly. However, I would like to share a few things and especially what I checked before making a purchase so that buyers can easily choose a car and without any problem. A car is a collection of many parts and so at times it becomes confusing what to look for. However, thanks to my prior knowledge of automobiles based on which I was able to make a choice that I certainly do not regret.

An der Reihe (Fokus)

There are various things that buyers need to check while purchasing a car:

  • Mileage: Mileage is probably the single most important aspect of cars which the car owners bother. As a matter of fact, the mileage of a car largely depends on the driving habits of the person. Yet, manufacturers claim a potential mileage of the cars. The first thing to check is the potential mileage written in the brochure. However, the demand about the mileage made by the manufacturer should not be considered absolute. In fact, it is wise to assume that the actual mileage would be a bit lesser than what is actually stated. Thus, when the manufacturer claims a car’s mileage to be fifteen kilometers per liter of petrol, it is better to take it as thirteen.
  • Ground Clearance: Another thing that I checked while I went to buy my first car was the ground clearance. Most of the buyers do not have any idea about this, but ground clearance plays a very important role in maintaining the integrity of a car. Ground clearance is defined as the gap between the lowest point of the car and the ground. Cars with relatively small ground clearance tend to collide with the ground while travelling on uneven terrain. So it is better to opt for cars that have a good ground clearance.
  • Leg Space: I personally prefer cars with a large leg space because then I do not have to compromise with comfort. This is why I specially checked the leg space of seats, both in front and in the rear. The trick in checking the leg space on the backseat is to pull back the front passenger’s and driver’s seat to their last point. If there is a space crunch in the car it would immediately become evident.
  • Boot Space: Going on long drives has always been my passion and so I put extra emphasis on the boot space of my car. The boot space is the storage space provided at the rear end of the car. In sedans the provision for the boot space can be seen from outside as it extends out of the car’s body, but in hatchbacks the space is incorporated in the body itself. Boot space is generally measured in liters, though the unit may vary from one place to another. Cars with a large boot space should always be the preferred choice.
  • Airbags: Safety is an aspect that must never be compromised at any cost. This is why I checked whether my car came with front airbags. Luckily it did. Nowadays almost all the cars are provided with front airbags for passenger and driver safety.

The above points helped me a lot in purchasing my car, and I am fully satisfied with my decision. I hope that my experience will also help the other buys to make the right choice. Still looking for more information, then click here and get more ideas.


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