The Key Benefits of Utilizing Composite Wood Decking

Until 1990s, wood was considered as a choice for the construction of desks. However, with the advancement of time, new products of wood, specifically the composite types, began to emerge. These new products has the looks of wood and but are stronger, heavier, denser and water resistant than normal wood. Composite wood is actually a mixture of wood fiber, plastic and adhesive agents making the product more durable, stronger and last longer than conventional wooden materials. As a result, these lower maintenance decking options gained in popularity. Composite Wood Decking such as Trex, Verdana and Timber Tech, are types of a hybrid products that are manufactured out of plastics and wood fibers, which won’t warp, splinter or get spoilt.


Natural-wood decking products are mainly divided into three categories:

  • Pressure treated lumber
  • Cedar and Redwood
  • Tropical Hardwoods

The key benefits of Utilizing Composite Wood Decking are:

  • The main advantage of Composite wood decking is that it is virtually maintenance free. One does not need to put any extra effort in maintaining it as it needs to be done in case of normal wood or any other material. It does not need scrapping, refinishing or staining. Occasionally, one may use scrubbing with a soft material in warm soapy water to remove the dirt.
  • Some wood decking are lighter in weight for easy handling but they are much less prone to scratches, stains and molds and hence have a much longer life than conventional wood lumber.
  • Standard wood decking were available in limited colors- tan, grey, white and brown and which would fade away over time especially when the deck would be exposed to direct bright sunlight but now manufacturers of Composite Wood Decking are now offering a variant of fade-resistant composites, which are a bit more costly than the primitive ones but they retain their colors much longer.
  • Composite wood decking comes in many sizes and lengths up to 16 feet. Most of the products have a realistic woody grain look and molded into woody patterned surfaces which gives an elegance look to the places one use these composite wooden decking. One should not forget that the price at which this material comes is quite low compared to the benefits it offers.
  • Composite Wood Decking finds its application in numerous house-hold furniture and areas of the house. They are used in various types of railings, accessory hardware, spiral stairs, outdoor furniture and pergola, exterior trim, fencing, indoor wall decoration panel series etc.
  • This material is 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and not utilizing forest resources to that extent and its strength is also verified in salt water conditions. It gives a pleasant feeling when one walks bare foot on it due to the nature of it and its not slippery also.
  • The quality is such weather resistant that it can withstand temperatures ranging from minus 35 degrees to 65 degrees C.
  • Since, it’s a mixture of HDPE, wood fiber, anti-UV, anti-oxidation agents, stabilizers, colorants, anti-fungus and coupling agents, it’s fully protected against all types of agents of corrosion and damage that causes ordinary wood finishing to wither off quickly.

How to get Composite Wood Decking?

One can check the internet and find a lot of vendors from USA, UK, and Australia who are providing a huge collection of composite wood decking products. They have their own websites where users can see the color, designs, materials that they would like to purchase. They offer the user for customizing the products according to their requirement. Users can compare the prices of the products and that would ensure that they end up buying the right product at the right prices.

Above mentioned tips about benefits of utilizing wood decking. If you want to know more then let’s go to the details and get some more useful information.


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